Spring Break Wish List

I can’t wait to hop on a bus to Florida for a week! The sunshine. The beach. The warmth. It all sounds absolutely fabulous! Here are a few of my picks for  what would make spring break even better! Wrap maxi skirt. Sandals. Shorts. Boho Tee.  Sunglasses. Tote. I hope you are able to get … Continue reading

Summer Nights

The weather has been incredibly cruel the last few days. I hate 90s. Its gross and sticky and I hate it. But, after the sun sets the temperature slowly drops down to a more livable place. That is when I get all excited and insist on going out. Last night we hopped over to Saint … Continue reading


I’m so over this heat. If tomorrow the weather decided it was time for fall I would be pleasantly surprised. However, until the weather returns to the 60s, I will be wearing as simple of layers as possible. This outfit made the heat a little more bearable. There is nothing like a breezy maxi skirt … Continue reading

Summer Wardrobe

Spring and fall are easy seasons to dress for. Winter can be simple because you basically throw every item in your closet on. Summer. Summer is a different story. In the morning I get up, stare at my closet, and dread putting any ounce of clothing on my body. Unfortunately, that is just not acceptable. … Continue reading