Easy Pieces

Winter is getting to the point where it is nothing but cruel and bitter. I’m sick of my boots and coat and want only to wear dresses and sandals. But, until those lovely spring days show up, I’m sticking with easy pieces to wear. Slouchy jeans, silky blouses, fur vests, and maybe a little glitter. … Continue reading

Living Room Tour

Welcome to my living room! Grab a cup of coffee, tea, apple cider, what ever it is that makes you want to cozy on in! When we started thinking about what we wanted to do in our living room that was different than before the first thing that popped to mind was to paint! We … Continue reading

Now I Lay Me Down

Lately I can’t stop craving white. I find it dreamy, romantic and soothing. To me, those words should describe my bedroom too. There is nothing more relaxing and romantic at the same time than a mystical and soothing bedroom. It seems like the most sacred room in your home, and it should be cherished as … Continue reading