DIY Coffee Table Recover

Slowly I am checking off those three main projects that I wanted to accomplish in January. Two down, one to go. Over the weekend Timothy and I sat down and recovered our coffee table. This project has been on my to do list since the beginning of September when I gave our living room a … Continue reading

Living Room Tour

Welcome to my living room! Grab a cup of coffee, tea, apple cider, what ever it is that makes you want to cozy on in! When we started thinking about what we wanted to do in our living room that was different than before the first thing that popped to mind was to paint! We … Continue reading

Tiny Parts of Home

Kylie and I have both been dying to show you our new homes. Unfortunately real life just keeps getting in the way. So today I have a few photos just to show you tiny parts of my home. Maybe sometime in the future I will pick up all my laundry, deflate our air mattress, and … Continue reading

DIY Canvas Art

Today is me and my hubby’s 3 year wedding anniversary. How in the world has it been that long already?! Last week I showed you a few of the projects I wanted to get done for our home. Yesterday I finally found the time to get one done, and I thought painting our wedding date … Continue reading

Greens Inside

As we get more settled into our new apartment I keep asking myself what to add or change that will help transform the space into a place we love. I scrolled through my Pinterest board of Dream Home Ideas and noticed one thing I lacked- plants. You might be familiar with my inability to grow … Continue reading