Road Trip Pt. 2

After we left D.C. we found ourselves in Chicago visiting a couple dear friends. While we were there we got to have a little fun celebrating the 4th of July with a picnic, checking out a couple food stops, and enjoying some down time. For the 4th of July our friends gathered a few of … Continue reading

Old Fashioned Picnic

Last week while we were in Florida for work we had a little old fashioned picnic with a couple co-workers. We dressed up and ate old fashioned pies (adorable & delicious, $.70 at Walmart!) and drank soda from cute glass bottles. It was fun to take a little break in the middle of the week … Continue reading

Ingredients for a Party

After seeing a little inspiration yesterday on invitations for a party we thought it would only be appropriate to show you a few tidbits of inspiration for how to throw the party! Throwing a party can be a bit intimidating, so hopefully our ingredients for a party get you on the right track to throwing … Continue reading

Throw a Party!

Hello!  With everyone in the midst of summer plans and busyness, it is hard to keep up with friends!  So why not throw a party?!  Here are some of my favorite inspirations for party invites…some are for a wedding, some for a birthday, but the idea behind them could be translated to any type of … Continue reading

Summer Dress Up

Today in my city, the high is 81 degrees…and the humidity is probably the same!  I will be staying indoors today, as 81 and 9 months prego aren’t the best of friends.  But I do plan to beat the heat this summer in some adorable sundresses!  Here are a few of my favorites… source This … Continue reading

How to Host a Party

I love hosting little dinner parties. There is something so exciting about making up my home and inviting my friends over to enjoy a little break from our typically un-decorated college lives. There are a few things I recommend for throwing a party. I have pulled some of my favorites from Pinterest, from decorating your … Continue reading

Happy Labor Day

Summer is officially over. I hope you get to go out and have one more bbq, one last round of bean bag toss, and one more great day of summer fun! Tomorrow is my last first day of school. It is quite surreal yet, but here we go. Have a happy Labor Day friends!  

Retro Picnic

A few weeks ago we had our retro picnic that I mentioned here. I realized I never showed you the results. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but the few I have a certainly sweet.   from Ryan Seidel  Our friend Nicola also posted some pictures on her blog. The picnic was a hit. … Continue reading

Picnic Bliss

Vintage picnics always look absolutely fabulous in photos, and they always seem so hard to recreate in real life. A few of my friends and I are creating a vintage picnic for tomorrow night. We planned our menu, established a little dress code, and sent out an invitation. We’ll see what comes of it! Here … Continue reading

Currently Obsessed: Checkered Teaspoons

{Picnic Basket} {Plate} {Napkins} {Bocce Ball Set} {Picnic Blanket} {Izze Soda}   Summer time means picnic time! Sunny summer days need no extra excuse to head out to a park with a picnic basket in tow, but these adorable gingham checkered teaspoons make it especially worth while! Pack your picnic basket full of some Spinach & … Continue reading