Summer Fun Shoot

This past July we stopped in Chicago for a few days to hang out with some good friends. While we were there my friend, Aanna offered to take some pictures of Timothy and me. It was such a blast! I loved getting dressed up and wandering around her neighborhood while she snapped away. Its fun … Continue reading

Summer Nights

Pretty consistently since we moved Wednesday has ended up being date night for us. This week instead of going out for dinner we just went out for dessert. There is this adorable pastry shop in the next suburb over that I have been dying to go to. Last night was my lucky night!   Its … Continue reading

Layered Up

I love when the mornings start to really be cool and as the day goes on it gets a little warmer. This is where layers become super helpful, you just need to be willing to ditch a layer or two as the temperature rises. I think these ladies rock the crisp morning layers well! Don’t … Continue reading

Summer Heat

I am beyond ready for fall weather. I think my body is slowly preparing for a breakdown if I continue to have to deal with this heat. My weapon to combat the heat- dress cute and pretend I’m not deathly sweaty as I walk around. Over the weekend, Timothy and I got to go on … Continue reading

Summer Nights

The weather has been incredibly cruel the last few days. I hate 90s. Its gross and sticky and I hate it. But, after the sun sets the temperature slowly drops down to a more livable place. That is when I get all excited and insist on going out. Last night we hopped over to Saint … Continue reading


I love the slouchy top trend. It makes a basic t-shirt and skinny jeans even more comfortable than it was before. I like Rachel from Pink Peonies nailed it with her grey slouchy tee, skinny jeans, and flats. Here are a few of my favorite slouchy tees and an adorable pair of skinny jeans. Pink … Continue reading

My Dream Job

I have always wanted to work in an office. Ever since I was little I dreamed of growing up and working in an office where I have to dress up, wearing pant suits, high heels, and pencil skirts. It still sounds quite heavenly to me. I would go crazy over my mom’s giant JC Penney … Continue reading

Backyard Style

We all know by now how I truly feel about being outdoors. However, not all my friends feel the same way. So, on the occasions when I am drug outside in the summer for an activity, a lawn game is typically an easy way to ease the discomfort. I find lawn games tolerable because I … Continue reading

Red Pumps

I love fun, bold shoes. I love a classic black pump too, but there is just something about bold shoes that makes me smile. I have had these red pumps for several years, and they just don’t get the love they deserve. I also adore this white dress. It feels so girly and simple. Pairing … Continue reading


I’m so over this heat. If tomorrow the weather decided it was time for fall I would be pleasantly surprised. However, until the weather returns to the 60s, I will be wearing as simple of layers as possible. This outfit made the heat a little more bearable. There is nothing like a breezy maxi skirt … Continue reading