Travel Essentials: What to Wear

Last week you  saw what I think are a few essentials to never embark on a road trip without. Today I wanted to show you a sample outfit of what I wear when traveling. (I warned you about seeing more of this top!) I’m not a sweatpants girl. I very rarely wear them out in public. … Continue reading

Travel Essentials

As you know, I now live incredibly far from my family. So when it comes to thinking about heading back home for the holidays my packing list seems to grow exponentially! I made a little list of things I can’t hit the road without! I hope it helps you think through your packing list too! … Continue reading

Road Trip Pt. 1

This summer Timothy and I spent a few weeks in South Carolina for work. On our way back to the Midwest we decided to take our time a bit. We had two main stops in mind, Washington D.C. and Chicago to visit some friends. While we were in D.C. it happened to be Timothy’s birthday, … Continue reading

On the Road

Kylie and I have both been on the road a lot the last 2 weeks. We can hardly stop living out of a suitcase. Traveling and packing constantly can be exhausting, but having a cute suitcase is always a quick pick-me-up. Here are a few suitcases I adore and a few of my travel essentials. … Continue reading

A Week Away

Timothy and I embarked on a little adventure last week. We packed our suitcases yet again and piled into a van with Timothy’s family. Off to Wisconsin and Detroit we went. Lots of family. Lots of hours in the car. Lots of fast food. Lots of talking. Lots of having fun. It was great to … Continue reading