A Touch of Glam

We all know glitter and sparkle is great. Which is why when I saw this beanie a couple weeks ago (showed it to you in the Cold Weather post) I knew I needed it. Winter brings enough dreariness on its own, why mimic that in the way we dress? Let’s embrace winter with a little … Continue reading

Why Be Practical

On our way to dinner on Saturday I insisted we find a park so we could hunt for pine cones. Because, well duh, I need pine cones to decorate for fall. So we found this little fenced-off park in the middle of town. Surprise, surprise. It’s kind of muddy. And heavily wooded. And we found … Continue reading

Vintage Inspiration

Dress::Hat::Belt::Wedges When I saw this dress on the Ruche website, I knew I had to do an inspiration post for it! ¬†It’s vintage sweetness is almost too much for me to handle! ¬†Paired with a lovely sunhat, a colorful belt and coordinating wedges, this dress is the perfect ensemble for the sunniest of days of … Continue reading