Love Him

        I hope everyone is ready to get back to the grind of school!  We have had a few  “back to school”  posts this week, hoping to lighten the glum moods of those who don’t want to go back, and inspire those who are excited to start anew. You shall love the … Continue reading

DIY Leather Pocket Tee

One of the trends for this fall is leather details. In the past I haven’t really been a fan of leather anything. This year I am a bit more ready to embrace it. There is something intriguing to me about a little bit of leather to rough up a delicate or plain look. I found … Continue reading

Back to School Kicks

I don’t know about you, but my campus is large. Massive. Walking from ‘east bank’ to ‘west bank’ can take easily take 30 minutes. That does not sound so pleasant when you think of all the beautiful high heels that fill our closets. So, if your school year is looking like a lot of miles … Continue reading

Back to School Supplies

For some of us, heading back to school is just around the corner. I love back to school shopping. When I was little I would start asking to go buy my school supplies in July. There is just something about crisp notebooks and unused pens that just gets me over the top excited. School supply … Continue reading

Wedding Bliss – Part 2

Hello again! Today I will show you the flowers I made for my wedding!  I went the DIY route because of the look of the wedding, but also because I was looking for ways to be more economical in our decor. First up are the bridesmaids bouquets!  I began with a package of styrofoam balls … Continue reading

DIY: Painted Tray

  I got this little green tray to set on my coffee table to hold drinks and such since the top was soft. Unfortunately, I ended up covering the coffee table in fabric the exact same color as the tray. I gave the tray a fun little face lift to help it blend in better … Continue reading

DIY: Floral Antlers

After several weeks of contemplation I made my decision. I love the look of painted antlers, but adding a small bunch of flowers to center seemed like a more timeless look to me. This project took 10 minutes at the most after I gathered my supplies. I used the tutorial from A Beautiful Mess (those … Continue reading

Antler Inspiration

Earlier this summer I inherited a set of antlers. I have been trying to come up with the perfect way to decorate them. I compiled a little photo list of inspiration. I love the look of painted antlers, but I don’t want to change my mind about that two years from now and not want … Continue reading

Provided For

  God has been the ultimate provider through all of history. In countless ways He has made a way. One thing that sticks out to in these verses through is that His provision is not dropped on our door step in a pretty basket. His provision is made accessible to those who work for it. … Continue reading

Back to Basics

Jeans    Tee     Pumps     Necklace     Lips I am loving the boyfriend jean trend! It is simple and casual, yet is so easy to dress up. Throwing on a pair of sassy heels instantly makes a simple outfit ready for a night out. Of course we can’t forget the red lipstick either. These … Continue reading